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Pouch from upcycled sweater

Upcycled: Sweater 2.0

UPCYCLED: This little pouch is made from a worn out Skreia sweater which after being washed has become beautiful wool felt. Instead of ending up in the trash or in the nature, the sweater has been given a new life.


  • Space for your mending and repair kit
  • Needles are better stored in wool where they don't rust. In this bag they may be attached to what used to be the side seam of the sweater
  • Small pocket with space for your threads, yarn and scissors


Bring the pouch with you in your handbag or in your pocket wherever you are. This way you'll always have the opportunity both to make quick repairs and to find peace in the meaningful needlework, regardless of time and place. Just as it has been done throughout history; repair kits have been indispensable to everyone from housewives to soldiers at war.


Handmade in Norway by us.


Would you like to make your own pouch from a worn out wool garment?

All wool that is not superwash treated will felt when washed at high temperature. Wash the garment at 60 degrees C and stretch into shape while it's damp. Cut out a piece approximately 29 x 13 cm big. Create a pocket by folding the fabric and sew on bias tape along the edges.


Other ideas for what you can make from wool felt from worn out garments:

  • Maybe the shrunken version fits someone smaller than yourself?
  • A sweater can become a vest if you cut off the sleeves
  • Sleeves can become baby pants
  • Mittens, hat, PC or mobile cover, blanket, pillow, soft toy, seating mat
  • And the offcuts? They may be used as patches for holes on other wool garments


A great thing about felted wool is that what has become sloppy, worn and ugly disappears when the fabric shrinks. Another advantage is that you can cut it without it unraveling. This means you can make something new out of the woolen garment without sewing.


And actually, this is a version 3.0, because the sweater was already made from recycled wool.

  • More details

    Closed: approx. 9 x 13 cm.

    Open: approx. 22 x 13 cm.

    Handmade by us in Norway. Each product is unique and may differ from the photo.

    Wool fabric: 100% mechanically recycled yarn made of 70% wool, 25% polyamide, 5% other fibres. Bias tape: 100% cotton.

    The needles, thread and scissors in the photo are not included.


  • Shipping and returns

    To Norway: 

    • Bring/Posten, 1-4 business days: Free of charge on orders over 1500 NOK / 90 NOK on orders under 1500 NOK
    • Bring Pakke på døren, 1-3 business days: 95 NOK on orders over 1500 NOK / 180 NOK on orders under 1500 NOK

    Returns are free of charge within Norway.


    To all other countries: 

    • Free of charge on orders over 3000 NOK / 400 NOK on orders under 3000 NOK
    • Please note that Norway is not part of EU and that local taxes, customs duties and fees may be charged upon delivery.

    Returns must be made within 30 days.


    See more details and info here.

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