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Caring Kit Gift Wrap

Caring Kit: Care for Your Clothes

Nice little starting kit for taking better care of you clothes.

The kit contains:


  • Clothes brush from Redecker suitable for all fabrics. It can be used to remove dry stains, dust and  hair from clothing, carpets and other textiles. The bronze wire in the middle of the brush makes it specially suitable for cleaning upholstery and other heavy fabrics as jeans and velour.
  • Soft and gentle laundry brush to remove stains on clothing before wash. Use it to scrub off stains and to pre-treat dirty shirt collars or other pieces of clothing. Apply stain remover mixed with a drop of water and brush well. Removing stains thoroughly before wash will keep your clothing looking nicely for a longer period of time. Also: without stains, you can choose lower teperatures when washing. 
  • 5 pcs of red cedar blocks that keep the moths away.
  • Natural red cedar oil for refreshing cedar wood articles and for aromatising.
  • Small brush for cleaning clothing brushes, hair brushes and combs.


The gift wrap option includes a postcard with bird illustration and a leaflet with information about the kit. The information leaflet is available in both Norwegian and English. 

  • More details

    Clothes brush: Oiled pearwood and bronze wire.

    Outer row of dark bristles (horsehair).

    The brush is 26.5 cm long.

    Made by Redecker in Germany.


    Laundry brush: Oiled pearwood, light pig bristles.

    The brush is 11.5 cm long.

    Made by Redecker in Germany.


    Red cedar blocks: Made of untreated cedar wood "Juniperus Virginia".

    Each block measures 7 x 5 x 2 cm.

    Made in China for Redecker.


    Red cedar oil: 100% pure ethereal oil from German Redecker.

    One bottle contains 10 ml.

    Made in the USA.


    Brush cleaner: Oiled beechwood and wire. 

    The comb and brush cleaner is 7.5 cm long.

    Made by Redecker in Germany.


    To clean the brushes, use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Do not immerse the brushes totally in water. Press dry with a towel and hang or lay them with the bristles pointing downwards to dry. Do not lay the brushes to dry on a heater, otherwise the bristles might dry out.

    Following these tips from Redecker, you will enjoy these high-quality products for a long time.

  • Shipping and returns

    To Norway: 

    • Bring/Posten, 1-4 business days: Free of charge on orders over 1500 NOK / 90 NOK on orders under 1500 NOK
    • Bring Pakke på døren, 1-3 business days: 95 NOK on orders over 1500 NOK / 180 NOK on orders under 1500 NOK

    Returns are free of charge within Norway.


    To all other countries: 

    • Free of charge on orders over 3000 NOK / 400 NOK on orders under 3000 NOK
    • Please note that Norway is not part of EU and that local taxes, customs duties and fees may be charged upon delivery.

    Returns must be made within 30 days.


    See more details and info here.

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