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Handmade Wooden Darning Mushroom

Handmade Darning Mushroom

A very special handmade darning mushroom - for your own mending or as a gift.


This darning musghroom is made in Stavanger, Norway, by Bjarne Hoelgaard. Every mushroom is unique, made of different types of wood and leftover materials. The design is also special - with a hidden room inside for keeping your darning needles. The handle is relatively long and lays comfortably in your hand.


A darning mushroom helps you maintain the shape of the sock while darning as it otherwise has a tendency to get tighter in the area of the reparation. The darning mushroom may also be used for small repairs on other garments. 


Place the darning mushroom inside the sock/garment with the damaged area on top while holding the rest of the sock/garment together with the handle in the other hand. Tighten until the darning area gets the same tension as the sock/garment has while being used.


Feel free to send us a comment if you have preferences on look or size, and we'll do our best to pick the one we think will be the best fit.


Limited stock.

  • More details

    Different types of wood. 

    The darning mushrooms differ in size and measure between 14 and 17 cm.

    Made by Bjarne Hoelgaard in Norway.

  • Shipping and returns

    To Norway: 

    • Bring/Posten, 1-4 business days: Free of charge on orders over 1500 NOK / 90 NOK on orders under 1500 NOK
    • Bring Pakke på døren, 1-3 business days: 95 NOK on orders over 1500 NOK / 180 NOK on orders under 1500 NOK

    Returns are free of charge within Norway.


    To all other countries: 

    • Free of charge on orders over 3000 NOK / 400 NOK on orders under 3000 NOK
    • Please note that Norway is not part of EU and that local taxes, customs duties and fees may be charged upon delivery.

    Returns must be made within 30 days.


    See more details and info here.

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