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Our Eurasian Blue Tit sweater
- with this little, yet so strong and brave bird that reminds us of taking care of the beauty around us.


purple knitted t-shirt

Consciously designed in Norway.
Slowly added, one garment at a time.
Ethically and carefully crafted by skilled makers.

Made to last;
of natural, organic and recycled materials. 

We offer free repair on all HEKNE garments.


Our hope is that our garments are used so much that they are completely worn out in the end! And to make them last as much as possible, we offer free reparation on all HEKNE-garments no matter when they were bought and the reason for the damage.

If we need new parts for the reparation, as for instance a zipper, we only charge you for this. Otherwise, all you have to do is make sure the garment is clean before sending it to us.

Would you like to reparere it yourself? We have spare yarn and fabrics for most of our garments. Get in touch and we'll be happy to send you what you need!

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Too much clothes end up in the trash.

In our webshop you'll find a category for second hand clothes. Here you can find garments that have been hanging in a store or rented out, have been used in a photoshoot or that have small defects. These garments are sold with a discount. This way we hope that we can help saving valuable garments that otherwise often end up in the trash. 

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natural clothes brushes arranged as flowers in a vase


Redecker has been making brushes since 1935. Today it is the third generation of the family who is running the factory in Versmold. Redecker is known for high quality and functional design. Today their assortment also include other products in addition to brushes - everything made of natural materials and renewable resources. We have selected a few items which we believe are essential in order to take good care of clothing and other textiles. We hope you will enjoy them too! You can find our selection under Care.

Praha wool sweater from HEKNE