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Our products are designed to last.

However, we need your help while the garment is yours.

Here you'll find care instructions and tips & tricks on how to take care of your garment so that it can last as long as possible.

Stains: stains should be removed before washing the garment. Use a mild stain remover soap mixed with a drop of water directly on the stain. Mix to get foam and use a gentle laundry brush to work on the stain until it fades. Wool: Work carefully so it doesn't felt. Leave for a little while before rinsing with water.

Wash: wash according to the recommendation on the care label.

Washing wool: when washing wool by hand, use max. 30 degrees C warm water and a mild washing detergent with a neutral PH level (7). Do not use softener. In order to avoid discolouration be sure the washing detergent is properly dissolved in the water before adding the garment, and squeeze gently so it doesn't felt. Wool should never be left for a long time in water. Don't leave for longer than 10-15 minutes in the soapy water, before changing the water. Change the water several times until there's no more soap left.

The wool program on a modern washing machine might actually be more gentle to your woollen garment than traditional hand wash. Use a mild washing detergent and don't use softener. 

Drying: avoid direct sunlight as this will affect the colour, specially on cotton fabrics.


Drying wool: leave wool, and especially heavy garments, to dry flat to avoid stretch and wear on the fibres. While wet, the garment may be stretched and shaped gently to adjust the shape.

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