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Our products are designed to last.

However, we need your help while the garment is yours.

Here you'll find care instructions and tips & tricks on how to take care of your garment so that it can last as long as possible.

Pilling: pilling happens when short fibers separate from the yarn. This will decrease over time. Carefully use a new safety razor or a fabric shaver/lint remover to shave the garment when laying on a flat surface. Avoid pulling hard on the fibers with your fingers or a brush, as this may cause damage on the yarn. However, don't shave wool containing mohair, as it will damage the natural fluffiness of the yarn.


Avoid friction between a wool garment and e.g. bags, bracelets or watches which may cause pilling. 

Afterwards, use a clothing brush to gently smooth out the surface.

Repairs: we offer free repairs on all our garments because we know that repairs extend the lifespan of a garment a lot. 


Many small repairs can also easily be done at home. Feel free to reach out if you would like help or spare parts from us.  

Protecting the garment: treating your garment with care, will also mean that you can enjoy it for much longer. Wash, maintain and store as recommended, avoid rough treatment in general and please be gentle when pulling up the zipper...

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