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Our products are designed to last.

However, we need your help while the garment is yours.

Here you'll find care instructions and tips & tricks on how to take care of your garment so that it can last as long as possible.

pile of sweaters made of recycled yarn

Storing: a knitted garment should be stored laying as it will lose its shape after a while if hanging on a hanger, simply due to gravity. Fold and stack nicely.

Garments made of woven cotton fabric are best kept hanging in a closet. This will keep the fabric fresh and wrinkle-free.

Storing over time: make sure your woollen garments are clean before packing them away for a longer period. Dirt, like food, skin particles and hair will wear on the fibres over time and also attract moths. Moths prefer dirty textiles!


Fold and stack nicely and store the garments in sealed plastic or paper bags or boxes. Textiles should be stored in a place that is neither humid nor too warm.


Use cedar tree or lavender together with your woollen garments to avoid moths.

Leather products, like shoes or handbags,  should not be stored in plastic. Use e.g. a cotton canvas bag instead. 

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