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Sustainable clothing from Hekne


The book "Lappat & lagat" (Mend and patch), written by Swedish Kerstin Neumüller, is a practical manual for you who like to take care of and repair your favourite clothes. The book is useful for everyone, regardless of whether you have experience with sewing or not. The book gives you quick and simple solutions for emergency fixes, in addition to guides and advices for more time consuming and extensive reparations. Examples are repairing a broken seam, fastening a button, mend knitted garments, patch jeans and decorative reparations.

We have made a series of short videos showing you some of the techniques described in the book. 

You can find Lappat & lagat in our webshop.


We hope that you do your best to take care of your clothes and we think it is about time we offer you something to help you doing just that. We are very happy to finally have in our webshop a selection of products from the German brand Redecker. 


Redecker has been making brushes since 1935. Today it is the third generation of the Redecker family who is managing the factory in Versmold. Redecker is known for good quality and beautiful and functional design. Their portfolio of products now includes other products in addition to brushes - everything made of natural materials and renewable resources.  

Go to Redecker's website to read more about the company's exciting story and how their products are made. 

We have chosen a small selection of their products that we believe are essencial for taking good care of clothing and other textiles. We hope you will enjoy them too!

See our selection here.


[Cyanistes Caeruleus]

Easily recognised by its blue and yellow plumage, the Eurasian blue tit is a small Passerine bird found in most parts of Europe and West Asia.


It is usually a non-migratory bird and lives in deciduous or mixed woodlands. However, in cold areas it might move closer to civilisation in the winter to make the search for food easier.


The Eurasian blue tit, measuring only 12 cm and weighing 11 grams, is a very agile small bird. It can hang from almost anywhere – upside down and sometimes with only one foot – when searching for food.

The garments in the Eurasian blue tit collection have been named after places where you may find the bird. 

Read more about our birds here.